I have been given a name for my pain!

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I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I also have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. Despite the fact that the diagnosis was given to me by a Consultant Rheumatologist, following a referral from my GP (who suspected I had fibromyalgia), I have been told that there is very little they can do for me. In fact, from my first cursory glance at the media and literature I got the distinct impression that my symptoms – the muscle and joint pain, severe headaches, balance issues, poor memory and impaired thinking – were all “in my head”.

Luckily I stumbled across the FibromyalgiaAssociationUK website  which inspired me to believe that it IS possible to manage this disease and convinced me that I needed to take personal control of the management process.

This blog is to be my record of discovery – about what fibromylagia (shortened to fibro or FM) is, possible ways in which it can be managed and which “treatments” help me. It is my way of remaining positive and active and taking control.


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